Use It: Best Secrets YouTube for Android TV On iOS And Android Phones To Make It Better (Updated).

When you don’t want to bother pulling up the guide, you can just tell Google Assistant to tune to a certain network by name, which works decently for the most part. You can search across live TV, on-demand content, and streaming apps from one central place without having to switch HDMI ports or juggle remotes. “For example, you can easily switch between a live basketball game, Netflix, YouTube, or listen to music on Pandora or Spotify,” the company wrote in its press release. Unfortunately, there are holes in that app selection, with Amazon Prime Video and Hulu unavailable on the box.

To American audiences, Konka isn’t a familiar name, but the company has been in the TV and tech business for decades. Currently, it’s one of the top brands in China, supplies materials to other manufacturers, and has invested in developing MicroLED display technology. Now, Konka has entered the US market, aiming to grab a slice of the ever-expanding budget TV market pie. The Q7 Pro Series reviewed here was announced with a list price of $430 for a 55-inch version (although as of publication it goes for $500 on Amazon). It’s available in three other sizes – a 50-inch for $370, 65-inch for $630, and 75-inch for $1,200 – although only the 65-inch version is listed on Amazon, currently priced at $700.

What Does Youtube Tv Feature?

Similar to other services YouTube TV can be streamed on many different platforms, but is the only one that doesn’t support Amazon Fire TV. Android TV offers the most options and customization of any of the conventional streaming systems available on the market.

And football fans will be happy that the service is adding NFL Network. The new additions have made YouTube TV’s channel lineup one of the most complete among cable TV alternatives. Every platform also has a Search tool in the navigation bar, which takes you to an intuitive search page. YouTube TV shines here — not surprising since it’s owned by Google. You can search for a show or movie title, a person or even themes and genres (for example, “Oscar winning movies”). The search is lightning fast, and results begin populating as you type.

How To Watch Youtube On Tv

The thing to know is Android TV will eventually be rebranded as “Google TV.” The interface you see on the Chromecast with Google TV will slowly make its way to other Android TV devices. In the future, there will only be Chromecast and Google TV, no Android TV.

  • However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to watch 8K content on your TV as it’s currently see more tips limited to a few devices.
  • In a nutshell, Android TV is essentially Android optimised for the big screen.
  • When YouTube appears in the search results, press the OK button to select it.

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